Pro Shot Tips: The Sway

PSSS is a great natural shooting system that works throughout a players developmental years.


SWAY Made Simple
We get a ton of questions about the SWAY.

It is probably the most complicated thing we teach. The reason for this is it is a result of other movements and positions that the body does while shooting.

The SWAY is mainly a shoulder thing and is a by-product of the TURN but I would be doing you an injustice if I left it at that.

What does the SWAY give you?

The SWAY gives you balance, power, arc, fluidity, touch and it relieves stiffness and tension. When done correctly it’s NOT a purposeful forward jump. It’s NOT kicking the feet forward. It’s NOT a fade-away. It’s a coordinated movement providing power and balance to a players shot that is due to proper extension on a players shot.

It’s a coordinated flow of extensions in a players major shooting joints. When a player shoots they should extend the shooting shoulder, the shooting hip, the knees, and the ankles. By doing this in a rhythmic and coordinated pattern they achieve SWAY.

If the shoulders turn as they should on a shot and these joints all extend in sequence like they should a player will SWAY correctly.

The SWAY’s Limiting Factors
Some things that will limit a players ability to SWAY.
The Shoulders:
If a player’s shoulders stay fairly square and do not align with the basket correctly it will cause a player to have tension which will cause them to not have a SWAY or to have limited SWAY.
The Jump:
If a player does not jump when shooting or has very little jump when shooting then it will limit the SWAY. You can easily see a SWAY in players like JR Smith because he jumps high when shooting. Players like Ryan Anderson however do not really jump high when shooting therefore they have a limited SWAY.
The Extension:
If a player does not extend their shooting shoulder high when shooting they will have a limited SWAY. Extending the shooting shoulder goes a long way in giving power to the shot and starting the extension of joints as mentioned above. If the extension is little or non-existent then the SWAY will be as well.
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